Coaching the Unconscious Mind



In this interactive webinar series you will learn a dynamic form of multi level change work that combines conversational hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistics, and practical neuroscience to create lasting and generative change. 

You will practice processes created from the latest research in psychological priming, cognitive neuroscience, poly vagal theory and embodied cognition to shift unconscious filters and re-condition the mind.  

The four classes will cover the fundamental elements of coaching the unconscious mind and can be used as a prerequisite for some of the master classes and supervision workshops.

Exclusive Workshop: LIVE and ONLINE! 

Every Tuesday in April 2020 from 8:00pm to 9:30pm EST:  

April 7 April 14 April 21 April 28 



Self-Directed Neuroplasticity

This protocol is designed to teach clients how to rewire any habituated pattern of thought, feeling or behavior. It consists of rapid techniques to down regulate the system and create new neural connections.

Memory Reconsolidation

You will learn one of the most exciting discoveries coming out of neuroscience and memory research. The art of therapeutic memory reconsolidation allows us to strategically rewrite early emotional primes as well as encourage memory extinction.

Priming the Unconscious Mind

Learn how to influence unconscious processing through external and internal priming. You will discover how simple adjustments to your mental and emotional state along with the environment can have dramatic effects on your success rate.

The Meta Pattern

In this class we focus on the four step structure of change. Once you understand this, you will never need another script again.

Re-Imprinting for Conversational Regression

Changing early childhood primes conversationally takes regression mainstream. Learn how to do this in a way that ensures memory reconsolidation.

Creative Inductions for DEEP TRANCE Conversations

Learn new inductions designed to blur the line between trances to create profound states for inner exploration and resource mining.

Spatial and Temporal Language

Creative uses of language to move the mind through space and time. Discover simple ways to practice shifting awareness through inductive and deductive processing.